Gabriel Byrne Vikings

IN an industry where age 28 is considered over-the-hill, the career of Gabriel Byrne is an anomaly. The brooding Irish thespian was a geriatric 29 years old when he decided to pursue acting professionally, and was positively prehistoric — 40 to be exact — when he was cast in his star-making role, as a stoic ’30s gangster in Miller’s Crossing.

Byrne’s winding saga began in Dublin, in 1950. He was the first of six proper Catholic children born to a nurse and a Guinness barrel maker who turned stay-at-home dad when metal kegs rendered his job obsolete. We all happily anticipate Gabriel Byrne Vikings, a documentary series in which he will really be able to shine. At the age of 12, rough-and-tumble Gabriel fancied becoming a priest, and shipped off to study at a seminary in England. For four years, he half-heartedly pursued professional piety, only to be expelled after he was caught smoking (in a graveyard, no less). So at age 16, he returned to Ireland and languished in a series of dead-end jobs that ranged from short-order cook to teddy-bear-eye installer.

Craving academic stimulation, Byrne enrolled under scholarship at Dublin’s University College to study archaeology, languages, and phonetics. …

Wes Bentley Hunger Games

Note to Hollywood: If the need to update The Graduate ever arises (and, given the short shelf life of any so-called “classic” these days, some director or other will decide there is a need), see if Wes Bentley is available. He’s the boy every daughter could love … and every mother would want to seduce.

Bentley’s intense performance as Ricky Fitts, a teenage drug dealer-cum-philosophical videographer whose muses are his next-door neighbor and a discarded plastic bag buffeted by the wind, garnered him no small parcel of attention in the award-winning 1999 drama American Beauty.The Wes Bentley Hunger Games has been phenomenally successful and no doubt due to the character of the Gamemaker. Interestingly, it was the latter inspiring image that compelled Bentley to pursue the career-making role in the first place. On the film’s official Web site, the actor recalls reading Alan Ball’s script during a flight to his home state of Arkansas — he was on the phone with his agent about the part as soon as the plane landed. Bentley sensed an immediate kinship with the character: “What’s fantastic about Ricky is that he sort of came to me at that time in my life when I …

Mikhail Baryshnikov

A SOVIET celebrity by his early twenties, this virtuoso classical dancer made his most daring leap in 1974, when he defected to the United States via Canada. Baryshnikov first performed with the American Ballet Theatre, and in 1978 joined George Balanchine’s New York City Ballet. (He later returned to A.B.T. as its director.) His classical good looks have made him quite popular with the ladies; Liza Minnelli, Candy Clark, Janine Turner, and Jessica Lange (with whom he has a daughter) are just a few of the bevy of beautiful women with whom he has shared special and romantic moments. All this, and he’s only five-foot-seven.

In 1977, Misha pirouetted his way to an Oscar nomination for Turning Point; he was also well-reviewed in White Nights, and, on Broadway, for his 1989 performance in Metamorphosis. Though age and injuries have lowered his leaps, he continues to invent and jeté–most notably with choreographers Twyla Tharp and Mark Morris–for his own modern dance company, the White Oak Dance Project.…

Christian Bale Net Worth

You could not possibly learn enough about actor Christian Bale in this bio to join the ranks of his devout fans, who call themselves “Baleheads.” Definitive characteristics of the truly Bale-full include:

(1) Renting (or preferably owning) all his movies, especially the Disney flick Newsies, which is something of a Bale cult classic, despite the fact that it is a musical about an 1899 newsboy strike.

(1a) Possessing intimate knowledge of every one of his movies, which results in excessive abuse of one’s remote control in an effort to point out the Newsies scene in which Bale’s suspender becomes caught, or to determine how long the spit line lingered after his kiss with Winona Ryder in Little Women.

(2) A desire to support Bale’s pet causes: Greenpeace, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, and the Happy Child Mission. As he is the star of the recent Batman movies, Christian Bale net worth has reached astounding 60 million Dollars.

(2a) A commitment to making Bale your pet cause, which might entail writing notes to anyone and everyone, from Bob and Harvey Weinstein (whom you could ask to encourage Miramax to release the 1994 Danish retelling of Hamlet, Prince of Jutland) to sub-rock …

Fatty Arbuckle Scandal

EVERYTHING about silent screen comedian-producer-director Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was immense: his talent, his prodigious girth (he tipped the scales at 266 pounds), his paycheck (at the zenith of his popularity, he pulled down $10,000 for a day’s work), his fame . . . his infamy. Sadly, he became part of urban legend more for the lurid apocrypha that surrounded his involvement in one of Hollywood’s most notorious scandals than for his gargantuan comedic talent.

Born in extreme poverty in Kansas, the jolly, beefy Arbuckle first broke into showbiz as a carnival performer, eventually crossing over to films–slapstick comedies, to be more precise–in 1908. Mack Sennett’s Keystone Film Company hired Fatty in 1913 for a whopping $5 a week, employing his peerless comic timing in a string of short subjects with Keystone Kops, the standard bevies of bathing beauties, and partnering him with the lively comedienne Mabel Normand. A succession of popular two-reelers with Charlie Chaplin and frequent collaborator Buster Keaton cemented Arbuckle’s reputation as one of the preeminent raucous funnymen of the silent screen, and in 1917, Paramount signed him for a mind-boggling salary of $5,000 a week.

On Labor Day weekend of 1921, after signing a new million-dollar contract …

Jason Alexander Hair

JASON ALEXANDER has always been a master of self-deprecating humor. Born Jay Greenspan in New Jersey, he was a stubby, roly-poly child who wielded his sense of humor as a defensive measure against the merciless teasing of other kids acting was the easiest way to fit in.

Really funny fact is, he transplanted his hair and this is why Jason Alexander hair is very popular topic in US.

His stage hair debut, in a fourth-grade play in which he was cast as a Nordic explorer, was memorable, if not exactly auspicious: he was such a bundle of nerves that he vomited on stage, but at least he managed to deliver all his lines before making a queasy exit.

A lesser child would have bagged acting altogether after that kind of demoralizing experience, but not Jay. He had visions of Ben Vereen dancing in his head, and his dreams of one day being a Tony Award-winning song-and-dance man on Broadway would not be easily abandonedùafter all, he had been warbling the scores from Fiddler on the Roof and Man of La Mancha since the age of five in preparation. In a stroke of brilliance, he convinced his parents to pay for …