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˜I thought my talent would transcend my outspokenness. I was wrong. Mickey Rourke GROWING up in a poor, black Miami neighborhood, Mickey Rourke showed talent as a baseball player and boxer but, for the most part, was majoring in juvenile delinquency before he got into acting. Studying the craft in New York, he had little luck supporting himself, but his move to L.A. quickly turned things around. After very fine performances in Body Heat and Diner, in the early eighties, he was in line for starring roles. With his rough, damaged good looks and sensuous intensity, Rourke won admirers (if not commercial success) in The Pope of Greenwich Village, Angel Heart, and Barfly. The actor also made his X-rated mark in some near-porn pictures, including 9 1/2 Weeks, in which he humiliated Kim Basinger, and Wild Orchid, in which he ravaged model Carre Otis, who became his off-screen obsession. Though Rourke’s choice of films has left much to be desired in recent years (his agent should be barred forever from Spago for letting him take part in the execrable Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man), his solid character turn as an affable crooked lawyer in the 1997 Francis Ford Coppola-directed adaptation of John Grisham’s legal potboiler, The Rainmaker, provided him with one of the best roles of his career.

Over the years, as Rourke’s taste in selecting film roles has gotten worse, so has his rebelliousness and mean temper, which has made him persona non grata in many Hollywood domains. He also seems to forget to wash his hair much of the time. And at New York fashion shows, his unkempt, menacing behavior has on occasion scared the daylights out of estranged wife Otis. In what may have been an attempt to channel his anger at the downturn in his career, Rourke entered professional boxing and won a match in 1991. The actor caused an uproar in the British Parliament when it was revealed he had donated funds to the I.R.A. Where do they always love Rourke, despite his frequent transgressions in taste and lapses in personal hygiene? France.

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