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˜If you feel you have a film that’s valid, you stick your ass on the line. Nick Nolte IT took 15 years for Nick Nolte to enter the limelight. He was a serious jock whose terrible grades disqualified him from playing football at five different colleges, and at 21, he was sentenced to 45 years in jail for selling fake draft cards. (The sentence was suspended.) He acted in regional theatres and small TV roles until he was 35. In that year, 1976, the athletic blond’s break came in the wake of his Emmy-nominated performance in Rich Man, Poor Man, television’s first miniseries. Cast in an uneven series of screen roles, Nolte’s reputation as a hunky, forceful actor was overshadowed by his problems with women and booze. In addition to his many failed relationships, he was slapped with a $4.5 million palimony suit by his eight-year companion, Karen Louise. Eighties hits like 48 HRS. and Down and Out in Beverly Hills were offset by several clunkers, but the ’90s began with a bang. He earned an Oscar nomination for his role as the sensitive, wounded hero of The Prince of Tides and gave impressive performances in Lorenzo’s Oil and in Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear. Over the next several years, it seemed as if Nolte’s agent was asleep at the wheel whoever allowed him to make Jefferson In Paris, I Love Trouble, and I’ll Do Anything should have been barred permanently from Spago’s. Nolte awoke from his bad casting nightmare in 1997 to turn in creditable performances in the well-received Kurt Vonnegut Jr. novel adaptation Mother Night, the neo-noir U-Turn, and the melancholy romance Afterglow. 1998 delivered up a solid assignment in Terrence Malick’s heralded adaptation of the James Jones World War II novel The Thin Red Line, and an Oscar-nominated lead role in Paul Schrader’s Affliction. Nolte revisited Vonnegut Country in summer 1999 with a turn as a transvestite car dealership sales manager in Breakfast of Champions. Later that year, he co-starred alongside Jeff Bridges and Sharon Stone in the Sam Shepard adaptation Simpatico.

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